Pedro is on his way!

Day 2 of being in the UK and I have officially recovered from jetlag. Yay! 

Today I got the last of the details sorted with our instrument rental which made me feel really good because now tomorrow all I have to do is go collect them. Yay! Tomorrow I will be meeting Pedro in Saltaire to get the instruments and then we go to Londond! I’m excited to see him when he gets in. He should be in Istanbul now on a four hour layover before he heads to Manchester. I hope the flight was good… but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Stay tuned…

One thing I love about the UK is how much people love tea. All the time! Which means I get to drink tea all the time! The stereo type of English people drinking lots of tea is real. Very. Real.  Of course I knew that already and I picked a bit of it up when after I moved back to the states, but its kind of on a different level here. So great! 


Tea with breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, snack, lunch, second lunch, dinner, supper, second supper, second second supper……

Since I leave quite early tomorrow on the train I figured I’d go out and buy myself a breakfast to go. I am SOOOOO excited about it. Just an FYI I am obsessed with Lemon and Lime Yogurt. I have sussed out the best American ones and I indulge in them regularlly but this is next level! Lemon and Lime Curd Yogurt. Oh man! I hope it tastes as good as it sounds. And the porrige also sounds awesome! With berry compote on top…. num num num num…. Yay for Marks and Spencers!


Food…. my one true love…

It was nice to go on a walk today given the temperature was nice and mild – cloudy and 80F. Perfect with a breeze and not sunny. Felt amazing. Brings back memories standing near the square. Not much has changed.

St. Annes Square

Tough St. Annes isn’t where I lived…. we were 10 minutes south in Lytham and have our own square… we came here often enough. Its strange how so many years can pass and a place looks virtually identical as when you left. Its been almost 10 years since I lived in the UK. So crazy! 

As I was walking back to my friend’s place I passed St. Thomas’ Church. There are actually two churches on this street and I am within spitting distance of at least 2 more.  Churches are everywhere. It is so weird we spend so much time trying to find places with this vibe that were designed to have acoustic instruments  inside and here they are everywhere! Pedro is gunna love it! 


St. Thomas’ Church

The next few weeks are going to be jam packed and I’m excited to introduce Pedro to everything! I can’t wait!  Make sure you keep tuned!

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