The Epic Post

Adventures in Turkey-land

The flight  on Turkish airlines was very comfortable but way too long. I didnt understand why we had to stop in Istanbul and then head to Manchester. The airport experience was interesting. No one was there to help me find the connecting flight to Manchester. The terminal we were departing wasn’t known to the passengers until 50 min prior to departure. In this experience i have learned that finding the cheapest flight isn’t always the answer and if i do this again I will to learn Turkish. 

Picking up Instruments in Saltaire

It was an early morning for both of us. We had sort of similar experiences. 

Pedro: “I woke up at 6:30am and started freaking out that missed the train since it looked like it was 10am. I started to rush into the shower and when I looked at the time on the only 6:30am. I went back to bed for 30 min and then had some tea. Of course this was the paranoia in me since i went to bed at 3am. This is going to take some time to get uused to. 

Steph: “I nearly jumped out of my skin this morning. It was one of those times when you wake up and think ‘Oh crap I’ve missed my alarm!’ You know? I’m sure everyone has had one of those moments at least once. I forgot how early it gets light here. When I startled awake it looked like it could be 8am and I thought ‘Oh Lord help me! I’ve missed my train!!!!’ and then looked at my clock and realized it was only 5:45am. It scared me so bad I couldn’t go back to sleep so I had a cup of tea and took my time getting ready and then caught my train at 7:30am”


Waiting for the train….

Stef POV: It took several trains to get to Saltaire. When I arrived for my 3rd train change I passed this small upright locked agains a wall. A piano in an outdoor train station….. thats a new one… Like you could just sit down and play a few tunnes while you were waiting for your train to arrive! haha! 


For when the mood strikes….

I met up with Pedro in Leeds and we took the last train together to Saltaire. It was a pain getting around with our suitcases because the streets are made of large uneven stones. I was praying the whole time that the wheels on my relatively new suitcase would not fall off because of the stress. 

We arrived at the Early Music shop in short order after a slight confusion with directions. It was not really clear where the footpath was that we were supposed to take… The shop was so beautiful…. I wanted so many things! I’ve looked at their catalogue of course but its another thing to see all those instruments in one room. It was like a small version of BEMF (Boston Early Music Festival) exebition packed in one room. The staff were really helpful and friendly and we were able to get two instruments to take with us – a six and a seven string bass. 


Where’s Pedro? Can you find him?

After we picked up the instruments we grabbed some food so we could survived the journey to London. We got the most lovely pizza – carmelized onion, pickled beetroot, butternut squash, and goat cheese. Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom………


This look pretty much captures how happy we were to get food…. it took all of about 2 seconds to finish the entire pizza.


Getting to London
Pedro’s POV: This is the first time I have been to London. I have always wanted to come visit since I always watched the BBC TV shows since I was 10. First thought that I had today is it must be really expensive to live here and how I can move here permanently. I wouldnt want to drive here and thank God for the buses and the tube. 


River Thames and the Eye


Big Ben and Westminster Tube Stop

 It was great to have Stephanie with me since she has been here before or I would of been lost. She is also very helpful in translating English to me. There are so many dialects and I have no idea what some people are trying to today. We saw Big Ben and looking forward to what we shall see tomorrow. Of course priorities at the end of the day we made time for tea and scones. 


Stef’s POV: We arrived in Kings cross stationthis afternoon about 4pm. It was more difficult to travel with our viols and suitcases than I thought it would be but there you go…. live and learn. I bought a canvas strap to attach to my suitcase when I was in Saltaire so that I could put my backpack on it and take some weight off of my shoulders. Taught Pedro to do the same with his luggage. Made getting around a bit easier.  

Pic says it all eh?

We decided to take an Uber cab to our accomodation and it was workth every penny! We are staying in Vauxhall right next to the river Thames which is super awesome. Pluse the apartment is on the 12th floor so we have a pretty sweet view. 

Pedro and I Piccadilly Circus on the way home and then took a bus part of the way back to our accomodation. It was the first time I’ve used the bus system in London on my own. I’m more of a tube person, but mum recommended I try more buses and Pedro agreed so it was time to learn. 


Piccadilly Circus


Piccadilly Circus

Funny story… on the way to where we were staying  our cab driver asked us if we were brother and sister. When I told him no he said 

‘Oh really? You look similar in the face’ 

…………… Really?

…… Nope….. don’t see it…….

Anyways… we are pooped so it is bedtime! 

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  1. Stef and Pedro, Congratulations on getting where you needed to be! I am so enjoying your POVs. How are you making those stunning panoramic pictures??

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