The Return Day 3: Dubois, WY to Evergreen, CO


Day 3:

Well… today we drove through Wyoming.


We had a bit of a slow start and went to a coffee shop for some breakfast and coffee. Then we set off to see Hannah in Colorado.


For some reason I thought Wyoming would have more scenic.


I mean, I like endless green fields of brush with distant mountains in the background as much as the next person.


And granted… these photos make Wyoming seem MUCH more interesting than it actually was.


But this is all I got in 7 hours!


After hour 4 it started to get a bit monotonous.


This was the view for most of the trip.


The other stuff is just highlights! It seemed to take foreeeeevver for the scenery to change.


At least I got a sticker to prove that we slogged through!


The real contrast came when we started to enter Colorado. Look how happy we are! Not only was there finally another sign to take a photo with but wow!  All of a sudden…. we were in mountains! It was pretty neat to see the transition.


And then we weren’t… again…


And then we were! What a glorious day!


In the evening we finally arrived at Hannah’s place of work – an awesome dog boarding facility. After a short tour where we got to meet some of the sweet pets,  we ordered pizza and went to her cabin to spend a pleasant evening indoors with her and her dogs. They are so cute I have included a whole collage dedicated to them – Hannah, Annie (the white one), and Amadeus (The splotchy one)

Hannah's doggies


One response to “The Return Day 3: Dubois, WY to Evergreen, CO

  1. You need to turn north off the Interstate on U.S. 287 at Rawlins in Wyoming and head for Jackson Hole to see the beauty of the state. Incomparable. Likewise, eastern Colorado is mostly prairie. Use the transmission in the mountains (low gear) if you want to have brakes for the rest of the trip. BP

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