Jetlag is not my friend….

So…. hello. This is my first day in the UK. 

Jetlag is not my friend. I don’t feel particularlly bad, just really groggy. Blugh…I arrived  safely after an uneventful flight accross the pond. Once I got to Chicago the other day I had a bit of layover where I ate slightly sketchy airport Chinese food for lunch (Austin I miss your airport food already!) and then sat around next to the charging terminal so I could get my devices ready to go for the flight. 


The moment you realize that a good corner, your violin case, backpack, , sweaters , and travel pillow make a nice recliner! #travelhacks #blowsmymind

 I was lucky that my Chicago flight had me sitting next to a window so sleeping wasn’t too terrible. I was also sitting right in front of a divider wall so I could put my violins between the back of my seat and the divider. Very lucky given that the cabin space on the international flight was super tight. Barely able to fit my backpack.

Arrived in Blackpool North Train station this morning and was picked up by my best friend. We stopped by a local shop, Notarianni’s, and had a vanilla ice creamwith a flake for breakfast.

All part of a complete and nutritious breakfast obviously…

Today was a pretty lazy day. I was just trying to stay awake for most of it so I could make sure I flipped my sleeping schedule. This evening, me and my bestie Leanne went to have some good Indian food (I am so stuffed still!) #rollmehome , and then have come home to watch a TV show before bed. Tomorrow I shall be rested and properly on English time. Its good to be home. 

Slightly weird that its 9pm and it looks like its about 7pm outside. So light! I forgot how long the sun stayed up for!

In PJ’s after Indian food watching a TV show. Perfect way to finish a lovely day!

Pedro leaves this evening on Turkish airlines bound for  Manchester via Istanbul. Best of luck to him. His flight gets into Manchester tomorrow at 10:30pm and I’ll be meeting him in Saltaire to pick of instruments the following day. Here we go!

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