Day 4: Buena Park, CA to Jamestown, CA

Day 4:


Well…. right of the bat, this day was way better than yesterday! We had a relaxed start to the day and stopped to have lunch with Ellis’ mum on the way out of town. The drive was so much prettier! We still didn’t take many pictures because even though it was prettier it was kind of similar terrain.

Animation 24

Towards the end of the day we stopped at this Roadside stop that looked promising for California bumper stickers. They had advertisements for 2 miles before we ever got there. By the time we arrived we sort of felt obligated to stop they had so many “pull off here!” “you know you want to stop!” etc etc. Unfortunately, there were no stickers. However, we were able to assuage our disappointment with the wonderful homemade ice cream they sold… mmmmmm so amazing!


It was evening when we arrived in Jamestown. The drive in for the last hour was probably the most gorgeous time of the day. The sun and the moon were out simultaneously and it was a big, beautiful, full moon. It seemed for awhile as if we were driving in the middle of nowhere.


There were not really any houses or town signs. However, the rolling hills and fields were spectacular to see – one side being bathed in moonlight and the other side reflecting the colours of the sunset.  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to jump out of the car to take a picture. There were so many moments! I will suffice with storing those as memories. I had Pedro take pictures out the car window so hopefully those will suffice.



Today we had late start on our trip, but not late enough that we missed breakfast at our hotel. The good thing is that our drive is getting better because it is not as hot!! We were not in a rush today so we went to have lunch at Casa Alegre with Ellis’ mother.

It was horchata celebration day today for me. I had a couple at the restaurant but then I realized that they charge for refills and needed to stop. After lunch we went to Tierra Mia Coffee and let me say… I was in heaven! They had horchata lattes, frappes, and even cupcakes! So many decisions….what does one even pick?! I finally decided on the frappe and it was amazing. It’s been a Horchata Heaven Day!


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