The York Young Artist International Early Music Competition

We are done! We played a wonderful program of Boismortier Sonata No. 6 , Simpson Divisions in F  and Schenck Sonata No. 5. It went very well. The audience was very friendly and many positive comments were given to us after the performance. Judges were very pleased with our performance and hope that we continue our group. This was a great experience for Les Touches. After all the hardwork on this repertoire we had a great moment on stage.

Les Touches finished with their performance.


Its okay to be silly sometimes.

We didnt win any prizes but to even have the opportunity to be a finalist in this competition is a great honor. We were the only viol group in this competition. There was a huge range of repertoire and size in this competition. The smallest ensemble was 2 people all the way to a Baroque Orchestra of 14 people. Repertoire from medieval improvisations to string quartets by Haydn. It was very interesting to watch all these types of performances.  Congrats to Sollazo Ensemble on being the  winner the grand prize!

We wish great success to all the finalists! It was wonderful to meet others who share the same passion for Early Music. The competition will be featured on BBC Radio 3 Early Music show on July 26. For those in the states you can listen to this online after July 26. We were also interviewed by Vlad from REMA Radio and will let you know when that will be posted. 

What now…I am going back to the states on Tuesday flying to Istanbul first then Houston. I did learn my lesson on finding cheap flights.Never again. I will go buy a good book to read during the 6 hours at the airport in Istanbul. Stephanie is staying in England until August 10. She is staying with friends and practicing her violin. 

We have many plans for the upcoming season. First we are starting a viol consort at Oak Ridge HS through a Loan Consort from the Viola da Gamba Society of America. This is a first for a school to offer this in Texas to my knowledge. Les Touches will be working with the school in building a viol consort. We have season of recitals and still working out the details on venues and trying to expand concert to the Austin area as well. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in this process! We could not of done this without support from the community!


Dave and the jellybeans



We always make time for proper cream tea


Royal Baroque with Les Touches

5 responses to “The York Young Artist International Early Music Competition

  1. I am so happy that you had this experience! One learns so much through competitons and it’s hard and nerve racking! So glad you had the guts to do this! Go Les Touches!

  2. Congratulations, Stephanie and Pedro!! To finish well, to feel you have done all you could, and to have given your best is the best accomplishment. Your expressions after the concert say it all! Continue to enjoy your journey!

  3. Congratulations on your great trip and performance. The messages from over the pond are funny and interesting. You make great representatives of our Houston gamba group.

  4. Congratulations to Les Touches! I loved going on this trip with you , via your reports! The plans for forming a viol consort in Oak Ridge High School are exciting!!
    Please keep your fans informed if you receive more details about when we can hear you on BBC Radio 3 , and about all of your upcoming activities! Safe travels!

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