Tea is a way of life.

 In the USA when people think of Britain we often picture ‘Queens English’ or ‘Cockney’ accents, the Beatles, London, the Queen, lots of rain, and most especially… tea. 

Drinking hot tea is a stereotype that has been well earned. In my friend’s house, there is literally a pot of tea on all day. When one runs out, the next one gets going. Any time you meet at someones house the first questions is “would you like some tea?


 High tea or afternoon tea is a special event that is particular to this country. That and cream tea. Cream tea is much more common as it is simply jam, clotted cream, and tea. Many places serve it. High tea/afternoon tea is a bit more of a special occasion. Different places do variations on it but basically it is tea, scones with jam and cream, tea sandwiches, and a selection of cakes. Simply lovely! I introduced Pedro to cream tea in the States at Hummingbird Tearoom in the Woodlands. Really… clotted cream is like… unicorns and magic stars and fairy dust in a magical blend of thick, spreadable, cream goodness. Gorgeous! 

My friend Leanne took us for a very special cream tea on our last day at a place called Richmond Tea Rooms. The whole place was decorated like something out of Alice in Wonderland. It was fabulous!    

    Pedro and I both bought lots and lots of tea to take home. I’ve since counted how many bags I have now…. 640 bags of PG tips. 

In other news, BBC 3 featured the competition on the radio this last Sunday. You can listen to the show and hear a movement of one of our pieces  here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b063d7mt

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