The Final Countdown

Wow! I can’t believe we now only about a week before we leave! I will be leaving on the 29th of June and Pedro will be leaving on the 30th! This is actually happening!

I’m nervous and excited at the same time…. and this will be Pedro’s first time in the UK so I don’t even know how he must be feeling! For me it is a bit like going home. Living in the northwest England as a teenager, York was one of the places we used to bring all of the friends that visited us because it wasn’t that far away on a train and it is a beautiful city. Truly! It is a wonderful place and I’m super excited to be going back there! It will be a different experience returning as an adult but also I’ve already got nerves for this competition!

We are still fundraising before we leave. Hoping to reach our $4000 goal. We are still $1000 away. So if you feel you can donate, it would be much appreciated! Any amount helps! Your donation will be going towards living expenses, travel, accommodation, and most importantly, instrument rental.

Click to DONATE NOW or copy the link into your browser

Don’t forget to follow our facebook as well! We did a silly photoshoot recently without instruments and too late realized it looked more like an engagement shoot. Ooopsies…. we do have an engagement though…. in York! Hahah… ok. But seriously. We are posting a photo a day for the countdown to York from these photos so follow us and enjoy! Click here to follow

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