Stef the Pondhopper


“Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

Today is day 1 of 2 weeks of blog posts from yours truly. Aren’t you excited?! I’m excited! 

This might be the biggest online undertaking on my behalf… ever. I am terrible at keeping up with written things which is why a diary growing up was always a huge failure. Every post in my diary reads a similar way :

“Hello diary, 
Its me again….now its 1998…. I know its been a long time since I wrote in you last year but I’m really going to keep up with it this time….school, boys, church, blah blah blah blah. 
The end”
“Hello again diary,
So it’s been another year…. feels like only yesterday it was 1998… another year later…..blah blah blah blah”

But 2 weeks… well I’m going to try my best to post every day and keep you all updated with Les Touches big oversea adventure. 

Today I am leaving to England. Pedro will be right behind me, leaving tomorrow, and will be meeting me in Saltaire, England at the Early Music Shop to pick up instruments on July 2. 

Not gunna lie…. I’m a bit nervous. I really shouldn’t be given that I used to live in England and I’ve done this a bunch of times and I’ve worked and saved money and practiced hard and planned everything out….phew! So I don’t know… for some reason I’ve got mad bees in my stomach. I feel like once I sit down on the plane to England I’ll relax a little bit. 

I did have my first minor crisis in the airport today. I arrived an hour and a half early to check into my flight at Austin Bergstrom airport only to discover my plane to JFK was cancelled so EVERYONE was standing in line trying to rebook flights or get rerouted and complaining that they rolled out of bed for nothing. Fortunately within 5 minutes I had someone from AA on the phone and had moved my flight out. Now I’m flying through Chicago. This is great – the planes that leave through JFK are really old and pretty much suck.  The newer, nicer planes fly from Chicago so…. yay for me!

Now I’m just relaxing in the airport having a lovely breakfast at Annies, which is the best food in the airport in my opinion! Farm fresh!  The most awesome thing about the Austin airport is that they only have local restaurants there. No chains! So they pretty much have an awesome selection of food everywhere. Go Austin!

Stef’s Travel Essentials – iPad, phone, earphones, passport, credit/debit card, tickets, water and lemon/lime juice to go in it, coffee, and tacos…. score!

7 responses to “Stef the Pondhopper

  1. Hey Steph, I am sop excited to read this blog during your time! Please do keep it up! I will repost everything on my page:-) . I love you so much! Safe travels, and get Whats App so I can text you! Love, me

  2. Stephanie, we love you! Helen and I thought about you (she helped me fertilize trees and trimmed today). Am so glad you are well on your way. Please do keep in touch. You and Pedro will be in my thoughts.

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