Go Big or Go Home

A big howdy from the land of longhorns and cowboys!

Texas is a whole new world for us… Not that we haven’t lived here before, but now we are navigating not as kids but as young professional early musicians – and gamba players at that! Most people don’t know what a gamba is to begin with much less in Texas where there isn’t a huge early music scene like there is in Boston or San Francisco. My dad still calls it a gumbo….

Anyways, this year has been a big one for us. We have been putting on our first real season in the Houston area. We decided, as diverse a group of players as we are and because we have a shared love of all chamber music, to have not only just gamba consort music, but to include as much repertoire as we can from all genres. When all is said and done, our first season will have had two gamba consort concerts and two chamber music concerts featuring 4 guest artists! Speaking of…..


SAVE THE DATE! This coming Sunday is our 2nd chamber music concert! We will cover a diverse repertoire with trio sonatas, viol duos, and violin duos and more AND welcoming back our guest artist Molly Hammond on the harpsichord. We may even introduce you to some music you’ve never heard before…. 🙂


Also, keep on the lookout for our upcoming performance with Sarah Mead. It will be a treat to see her play on the Lyra viol! Exact date, venue, and time still TBA but we will post updates soon!


On a different note, Valentines day marked the inaugural Houston Early Music Festival Young Artist Showcase and we were honoured to be one of three groups featured on the performance. We played the Si pieces again and it went well! It was great experience to get to play in Zilkha Hall at the Hobby Centre!


And now for our most exciting news….. Les Touches will be one of 10 groups to compete. We were chosen from a pool of over 40 applicants and we could not be more thrilled! The competition takes place in July (YAY for summertime in England!) And what a place to play too – in the historic town of York England! For me, it’s like going back home…

Now comes for the more difficult part of getting our concerts prepared and making our way over there. England is not known for its affordability! Yikes! But this will certainly be an exciting adventure – as they say ‘Go Big or Go Home’!

See more information HERE

Anyways, make sure to keep up with us! You can follow this awesome possum blog written by yours truly (Steph) as well as our Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as our website www.lestouches.org

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