From our last Photo Shoot in Brenham

So we haven’t really kept up with our blog or really anything media related for awhile. It has been quite an adjustment moving from Indiana to Texas, being so spread out, and getting a new member. Whew! But with the new year we have started getting the ball rolling. Once thing at a time! Our website is updated and so nice looking (if I do say so myself), we will have business cards (in 2 weeks when they arrive in the mail), and now, for the really exciting news… We FINALLY took updated pictures  for 2014 with our new consort member, Erika! It was such a gorgeous day and our friend, Bill Pannill, a fellow gambist, helped us with photos [THANKS SO MUCH BILL]. We had so much fun 🙂 On a side note, isn’t the Texas country gorgeous?! The answer is ‘Yes it is! Splendid!’

Now… first things first… meet the new, fabulous, Les Touches! There is Stephanie (tenor gamba), Pedro (bass gamba), and Erika (treble gamba).

Les Touches 2014

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And now for the photo shoot. Enjoy!



























One response to “From our last Photo Shoot in Brenham

  1. These are great, Stephanie! What were you doing in Brenham?? Will this be an album cover? (hmmm) The colors are beautiful, although the one black and white is one of my favorites. The grasses are stunning, but i prefer seeing more of you. Thanks for sending these. Deanna

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