Beyond Black and White


So much of our lives as musicians are spent looking at black and white: pages and pages of notes on staves. We read everything from electronically typeset scores to early manuscripts that are handwritten or printed, all with varying amounts of composer direction. At the end of the day, though, the music will only be what the performer makes it. Sometimes it is a struggle to move past the page. As historical performance specialists we dedicate ourselves to discovering unfamiliar music and seeing beyond the black and white. We search for clues, trying to get inside the mind of the writer and extract his personality from historical details, flourishes in notation, and style of writing. We invite you to join us and experience a melange of exciting music in vibrant, living colour.

LES TOUCHES and Friends:
Stephanie Raby, Baroque Violin and Bass Viol
Pedro Funes, Bass Viol, Tenor Viol and Baroque Bass
Ellis Montes, Recorder
Thane Elliot, Baroque Violin
Chris Phillpott, Baroque Cello and Bass Viol
Molly Hammond, Harpsichord

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