Boston…. Getting here!



Good Morning! Bright and early! Breakfast time at my favourite restaurant in the Austin airport: Annies. It’s Farm to Table fare and I looove it. I had tacos – the breakfast of champions. Bacon, Egg, Potato, Cheese, and Avocado. #winning



Last night was a late night. I feel like every time I take a flight I’m up till the early hours of the morning doing last minute things, double and triple checking I have music, instruments, extra strings, phone, money etc. etc. etc. You would think that I would be in bed much earlier to get good sleep because I usually have to leave for the airport by 6am or earlier. I find it hard to sleep well on these nights though because mentally I’m so worried about missing my alarm that I’m waking up every hour and checking my phone clock.

I had a nightmare yesterday too. It was the musicians equivalent of being walking around in public and realizing you’re naked or don’t have pants or something. I dreamt that Pedro and I were in this huge performance hall in Boston and the high school kids were performing and Pedro was saying, “OK. We have to make sure we sound super amazing but we’ll only have 15 minutes to practice after the kids come off stage before we have to go on.” Problem was, I didn’t know hardly any of the pieces we were playing, we hadn’t talked about how we were transitioning between anything and we had never played any of the music together… ever. I’m thinking to myself in my dream “ How am I supposed to sound incredible when I’m going to have to sight-read the whole concert on stage and I don’t even know what’s going on?!” Interestingly enough, in real life I don’t feel stressed about performing in Boston at all. Pedro and I have now played the concert we are doing 3 times, I arranged all of the music, and I’ve been playing most of these pieces since I was in the cradle. I couldn’t know this music better.



Pedro and some of the kids at the airport. Getting things done!


I’m the first person of the Boston crew to leave today. I was traveling from Austin, though interestingly enough I had a connection in Houston at the same airport Pedro and the kids are leaving from and my flight left just as they were arriving at the airport. I’m just enjoying travelling solo for a little bit because by the end of the day I’m going to have a load of High School kids following me around and there won’t be a quiet moment. It feels a little odd to me that I’m chaperoning High School students. It wasn’t that long ago that I was being chaperoned myself. I don’t feel old enough for this! But at 29… I guess I’m a real adult now.



After I deplaned in Boston I consolidated my computer, camera, and sweaters in a fold up backpack I had in the top pocket. Apart from that, can’t go anywhere without my violin and knitting bag!


I must admit I’m not usually a nervous traveler, but I’ve been a bundle of nerves for weeks now.  A large part of it was worrying about having problems getting my violin on board since all my flights were with United. I made sure I was super compact and checked my bag in so all I had was my violin, laptop, and camera. The gate agent at the first flight nearly didn’t let me on. I could rant about that incident for a whole post, but to simplify…after letting everyone in front so that I was the very last person on the plane (last person = very likely no overhead space for my violin), making some calls, and harassing me about the size of my instrument and she finally says, “We are making an exception for you this one time but they may not at the next gate.” I could have screamed. I was so relieved to make it on the plane, upset with having to deal with her, and even more nervous about getting on the next flight I nearly started crying when I got to my seat. Good news was that getting on to the next flight was very smooth and I had no problems at all. Yay!

Anyways, after a long flight made even longer by the pilot zigzagging around storms, I finally arrived in Boston. First stop now: get instruments!



FullSizeRender 2

Using my suitcase as a footrest and knitting while waiting for the bus. This is how I pass the empty hours


3 hours later….

Well that took forever. It took me an hour and a half to get to Sarah Mead who was meeting me to get instruments. Apparently that was about 45 minutes longer than it normally takes. I guess it’s just that type of day. Found out Pedro and the kids’ plane is also delayed. They won’t even make it to the house till 8 something.



On the way! It’s official! Here they come!


I made it to the Air BnB though and it is lovely. A large yellow house with plenty of room for all of us! It also has a pretty back yard though… I’m not sure we are going to get much of an opportunity to use it.

9 pm I finally meet with the Pedro and the kids in the little nearby town. We immediately went to the grocery store to buy food for breakfasts and tonight’s dinner. Gosh… we all miss HEB. It IS the best grocery store. Ever. I always renew my appreciation for it when I shop in grocery stores that aren’t HEB. It makes me sooo thankful. It’s a strong incentive to continue living in Texas. I’d have HEB withdrawls otherwise.

When we all finally made it back to the house an hour later we cooked dinner and then practiced till midnight. These instruments are much better than what the kids are used to playing on and they feel a lot different so it takes a little bit to get accustomed to. It makes a big difference to have nicer instruments to play on.


We are excited about tomorrow but it is going to be another eaaaaaarly day. We have to walk out of the door by 6.50am to get to the church in time and at this rate it doesn’t look like I’ll get in bed before half past twelve! Pray for me! Pray for us!!!! Ahhh


Sorry this is a bit of an odd post but I promise more interesting stuff later. It just late and my brain is like rice pudding.


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