High School Viol Ensemble @ BEMF

Its is great news to announce that the viol students at Oak Ridge High School will be performing at Boston Early Music Festival this summer. This is a great honor for them and they have worked hard to get to that level of playing.



The name of the ensemble is Aquila di Guerra which is the school mascot at Oak Ridge HS, the War Eagle.

Aquila Logo

This year they have had the chance to work with Sarah Mead, Wendy Gillespie and Josh Lee. I am grateful for the chance of them to work with other people because you know when someone else says it…..then they pay attention and remember.



In order to prepare for this performance at BEMF they are performing on April 30 @ Trinity Episcopal Church in The Woodlands at 1:30pm before the Les Touches‘ program The Long Road Home. Also on May 13th they will be performing at the Viols of Houston’s Gambaramba at 10am at Bethany Christian Church 3223 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098.

Long Road Home Poster April 30


A huge thanks for the Viola da Gamba Society of America for the Loan Consort Program in lending us instruments to make this program a success and to Viols of Houston for their support to these students.

We are needing help for this trip to Boston this summer please for travel and housing. Any amount of money will be appreciated.


What really brings me joy is that they all truly enjoy playing the viol.  I didn’t force anyone into the ensemble it was all by their own choice to do this. Some have even asked ways they can continue playing viol at a college next year.

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