The Return Day 7: Mason, TX to San Marcos, TX to Houston, TX

Day 7:

Hallelujah this is the last day! Yay!

I started out the drive this morning. Only 3 hours to get from Mason to San Marcos and I was back home. Good stuff.

We unloaded the car in record time and the boys were off to Houston. They arrived 3 hours later. (Can you tell we really wanted to get home?)

No pictures to commemorate this drive or funny stories (though by the time Pedro’s car made it to my house it just seemed like everything wanted to fall apart!) But a good time to reflect on the amazing 3 weeks we had on the road and in Oregon. Here are some highlights of our trip.

Balmorhea Natural Spring

Balmorhea Natural Spring – Balmorhea State Park, Texas


We have entered the Land of Enchantment! Thank God we made it out of Texas! Only took 2 days! – New Mexico


I guess there is no going back now…. – Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere


So many Saguaros! It’s a forest! – Saguaro National Forest, Arizona


Yay? We made it to California… Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more desolate… Sand dunes for miles… – South South South California


Entering beautiful country – Mid California


Peeking at a waterfall – Yosemite National Park, California


Pedro finds his first bear. Sad day… we can’t fit him in the car – North West California


Avenue of the Giants – North West California


Farmers Market – Forest Grove, Oregon


Flowers! Yay! So amazing! – Forest Grove, Oregon


Berry Flat $10. Can’t beat that! So incredibly good! – Forest Grove, OR


Faculty Concert. So many viols! So amazing! – Conclave 2016


Beautiful farms, fields, and mountains – Idaho


Incredible colours and boiling pools – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Sunset and Mountains! Does it get any better? – Colorado


IU pals. Hanging with Hannah. – Evergreen, Colorado


Just amazing. No words. – Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas


Incredible night sky – Mason, TX

FullSizeRender (4)

Roadies! Are we excited to get home or WHAT?! It’s been real ya’ll! Till next time! – with Steph, Pedro, and Ellis (this is my favourite shot!)

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