The Return Day 6: Canyon, TX to Mason, TX

Day 6:

Our destination for this portion of our Texas drive was Mason, TX. A small town where my family has a cabin that I’ve been visiting for many years. It is plain and simple. Hannah’s cabin makes this one look downright primitive  (I didn’t take a picture of it cause it’s currently in the process of being repainted.)


To get there we drove through lots of beautiful country and  the biggest windmill field I have seen yet! They seemed to go on for miles and miles and miles! It was really cool! It was also interesting to see that occasionally dotted through this massive field of windmills were oil wells. Hmmmm….Progressive energy… not so progressive energy… However we were super excited because gas was way cheaper when we got into Texas!


When we arrived at the cabin about mid afternoon, we unloaded the car and drove straight into the town square (which is tiny and super cute by the way) so that we could  go check out the local winery, Sandstone Cellars, and the restaurant they own next door.


Both wine and food turned out to be excellent and just what we needed after long days in the car!


(BTW this is a truck for a totally different restaurant which also happens to be next door. I just thought it was cute!)


After we finished stuffing ourselves, we walked over the the old movie theatre, The Odeon, that prides itself on being the longest continuously running cinema in Texas and saw a film. (A side note, the cinema just got a new paint job!) They only run films from Friday – Monday, just one film a weekend, and it’s dirt cheap1 On the other days they have people come perform on the stage. It is the all around entertainment centre! Apparently it also has a small orchestral pit (now covered up) because they used to have silent films with music there. How cool!


We weren’t finished with the day though. We picked up a few provisions (like drinking water) at the local grocer and headed to the cabin to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. A great end to a great day!


I missed the beginning of the ceremony because I wanted to spend some time outside looking at stars. You may have seen articles being published by everyone from National Geographic to CNN about the disappearing night sky. There is so much light pollution most places that people never get a chance to see the stars or the milky way. It is sad. It’s so crazy beautiful! Out in Mason… unparalleled view! So spectacular! I just sat and watched for awhile and then decided to try to get at least one good picture (which was difficult because I didn’t have a tripod.) And I did it! I got one decent one that will give you some idea of just how beautiful it is to see the stars!


Tomorrow’s our last drive and BOY are we excited!

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