The Return Day 5: Evergreen, CO to Canyon, TX

Day 5:

Today we made it back to the motherland… Gods country… the country within a country… our homestate, the Republic of Texas!


To say we were excited was a bit of an understatement. (see our Instagram ) At this point, we are ready to just be home! But as all of you know that have ever driven through Texas… just cause you’re in Texas doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near being to your destination. You could be a day away!


The destination today was Canyon Texas which is just outside of Amarillo. We chose this because we wanted to go see Palo Duro Canyon (which is second largest in the whole United States next to the Grand Canyon in AZ)


By the time we made it to the Canyon the visitor’s center was closed and there weren’t many visitors around, but it was also a little cooler than it might have been earlier on in the day.


Temperature had gone up 20 degrees from Colorado to Texas. Fortunately it wasn’t 102F still but it was still nice and warm!


We took a little driving tour of the Canyon and stopped to view some of the evening wildlife. I had to stop Pedro from stealing the rabbit.


After driving back to the top watching the sun set over the deep abyss, we headed to our hotel and had a long relaxing swim and hot tub soak. Amazing! I have missed this!


2 more days till home!



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