The Return Day 2: Boise, ID to Dubois, WY


Day 2:

Today was our longest day yet – about 10 hours of driving in total.


We had grand plans of leaving earlier in the morning but after a whole day of driving and many late nights in a row (including last night), we barely were able to open our eyelids when morning came. It wasn’t a particularly interesting drive for most of the day until we started getting closer to Wyoming.


Part of the reason for such a long day was that we decided to go visit Yellowstone National Park. It is a place all three of us have wanted to experience for a very long time so we couldn’t resist going to see it while we were in the vicinity. On the way to get to it we drove through Idaho, then Montana (which we didn’t know we’d be going through), and eventually Wyoming.


The park was beautiful. Again, it’s a place you probably want to spend all day (or several days) at. Part of the reason for this is that the Geysers, apart from Old Faithful are difficult to see in action since they have such different eruption times and many of those times aren’t exact – they have windows of time they can erupt that can be fairly large. For example… Ellis and I tried to see Grand Geyser which was supposed to go at 6:30pm (+/- 90 min). There were people that had been waiting for it to erupt for 2 hours before we arrived and we waited around for a half hour and it still didn’t do anything. In fact… I’m not sure it erupted before we left the park an hour later. If you were around for several days (or at least a whole day) you’d have time to sit around for 3 hours to see it go. We didn’t have a huge amount of time so we just watched Old Faithful and enjoyed seeing some of the other sights in the area which was still plenty fun.


Once we left the park we still had a 2.5 hour drive to get to our lodging in Wyoming. It was a spectacular drive. I wish I’d had time to stop and take more photos. The sunset was just stunning – it turned a rich magenta and the sky was tinted pink and purple behind mountains that were silhouetted periwinkle blue. We passed several beautiful rivers (one in a large canyon) and lakes that were so still it was like looking in a mirror. The colours of the sky and surrounding mountains were reflected on the waters. Some things I guess you just have to take in and enjoy and let them go. C’est la vie.


So one more night and we are alive and well yet. The car is doing a little worse for wear. It got a crack in the windshield somewhere in California, at one point during Yosemite the breaks were smoking, and today some of the bottom of the front bumper started coming off so we ghetto duck-taped it up so it wouldn’t come off completely. It needs some serious shop time when we get back to Texas.


On another note… stay tuned to find out about the story of Pedro and hunt for a Bear!


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