The Return Day 1: Forest Grove, OR to Boise, ID


Day 1:

Today, after a week of viola da gamba fun that seemed to fly by, Les Touches and Ellis got back on the road to head back to Texas. This time we are taking a bit of a different way – going over to Colorado and down!


The drive so far has been absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful rolling hills, lush forests, and bright fields with tons of cows. It makes me want to stick on the Lord of the Rings sound track and listen to the Hobbits theme except I don’t have enough internet connectivity out there to manage it. Sad day…


Today was a recovery day from Conclave. I don’t think we went to bed before 2am on any night because we were so wrapped up playing music with people. Pedro drove today because while Ellis and I worked this morning, he got to sleep in. So we slept while he drove and prepared for our driving shifts tomorrow.


Today is just going to be short post because we really didn’t do much. However, stay tuned because I will be writing a whole long post about how wonderful Conclave was! Obviously it will be full of pictures because that’s how we roll…


Till tomorrow…


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