Day 7: Eureka, CA to Forest Grove, OR

Day 7:

Steph: Happy day! We have finally arrived at our destination! Forest Grove, OR

bear collage

It is considerably colder in this part of the country. Of course I knew that before we set off thanks to Wunderground but it was still shocking getting out of the car preparing for great and instead I’m grabbing for my sweater.


Today we made no special pit stops. I even missed the sign welcoming us to Oregon! (Which I’m a bit sad about) This was also the first day that I got legitimately car sick. Pedro took first shift behind the wheel and he hadn’t yet driven in the winding mountains.


I couldn’t stay awake at all. Its the only way I can really combat motion sickness. Slept right through our entrance into Oregon. Then I moved to the back seat while Ellis took the second driving shift.



After grabbing some motion sickness medicine and ginger chews I curled up in my seat and went to sleep again. So… I didn’t take any photos of today and I don’t know what most of it looked like. I think most of it was driving through mountains and lots of pretty trees?


To make up for the lack of actual information, I will share some candid shots from the last few days.


And also a random piece of info – apparently, California has a chicken problem. They just like to chill out everywhere. We saw these guys and plenty of others during one of our coffee stops.



Today has been the most difficult yet most easy of our drives.  It was difficult because of the length (around 7 hours) and the fact that we did not have anything significant to do along the way.  It was easy, though, because we were able to go from point A to point B without worrying about any time constraints.


Because of Stephanie’s planning and Pedro’s budgeting, this entire trip has been quite fun.  Every day we have had a specific activity to look forward to, from hiking up a mountain in Yosemite to eating Korean BBQ at a great restaurant.  Those activities have made the countless hours of driving well worth it.  But today, we all had the same goal: get to Forest Grove.  It was no longer a ride for pleasure or for discovery.  It was a sheer test of our patience and will.


This week, we have been able to get to know each other in very new ways, and much of that has taken place in the car.  Today, I think we got to the extreme.  During the latter portion of today’s drive, I was at the wheel, and soon after we had taken off from a Starbucks (our pit stops), both Pedro and Stephanie had fallen asleep.  I finally was able to listen to whatever modern music I so desired without the grumbling from my surrounding peers.  However, once we were in the vicinity of Forest Grove, we were all pushing each other’s buttons like never before.


That isn’t to say, though, that we didn’t enjoy our trip today.  I could just feel the relief from many different angles as soon as we pulled up to our hotel.  We even sighed more when we saw that Pacific University was just around the corner!  We’re glad to be in town, finally.  I’m excited to participate in the VdGSA Conclave, and I’m elated to be able to spend this time with two amazing friends!


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