Roadtrip Day 2: Balmorhea, TX to Tuscon, AZ

Day 2:
Today we had a little later start than yesterday. It took us a few hours to reach the border of Texas even after a full 8 1/2 hour drive yesterday. When we finally made it across we took to obligatory selfies and family photos with the state sign and visited the travel center.



Despite the full sun we managed to find a beautiful shady table and enjoyed a refreshing lunch of sandwiches, fruit, and salad. While we were stopped we took the opportunity to reorganize the car to increase circulation to the instruments. This stop was also the site of my first disaster of the day: leaving Pedro’s car keys on the ground next to the state sign. Fortunately, there were barely any people at the rest stop. We have since started a new rule. Pedro gets the keys every time we get out of the car.


I was driving for the first half of the day and because we have to get air all the way back into the trunk and keep the best circulation for the instruments we are forced to keep the air conditioning on full blast the whole drive. Knowing this would be the case before we started this trip I prepared accordingly and brought a knit blanket and sweater which I promptly bundled myself with.


For me most of the day was a blur. There are just loooooooooong stretches of nothing…. just like looking at all the ‘O’s in the word loooooooooooooong. The scenery changed subtly through the end of Texas, into New Mexico, and finally Arizona. More hilly and green than I thought it would be. Some dust storms here and there. As one of the signs said “dust storms may exist”. I feel like that statement is a little bit like saying “my keys are somewhere…” Well DUH! Of course!

Animation 3

Coming into Arizona we were really excited to find the Arizona visitor information rest stop and sign we could take a picture with. Alas… no such thing was to be found. It was a bit of a downer to our entrance to the state! Shortly after that, we needed to get gas and somehow…. we managed to find the most expensive gas station in all of Arizona!


They planted this run down thing next door to make you feel better about the super expensive¬†gas you found next door. When you are driving in such vast expanses of nowhere you never know when you’ll see the next gas station!


It’s a million miles to anywhere!!!!

Animation 4

After the enchantment of New Mexico, needless to say our entrance to Arizona left us a bit disenchanted. However, we were not about to let the whole day go by without getting something iconic out of Arizona so as soon as we got to Tuscon we went to visit the Saguaro National Forest which, by the way, is super cool! Small mountains covered not with trees but miles and miles of Saguaros as far as the eye can see (plus other pretty ground covering cactus). Obviously we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to take some family photos.



Anyways… finally made it to our friend, Francisco’s place for a relaxing evening of practicing and watching a storm come in. Hopefully an earlier night tonight than last night! Another long drive tomorrow!




2 responses to “Roadtrip Day 2: Balmorhea, TX to Tuscon, AZ

  1. Great pictures and story! Uh, Stephanie, I think you forgot your mittens!
    PS – Your den mother Molly would be happy to hear you were eating your veggies and fruits on the trip!

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