Summer = Happiness

So I know this is a bit overdue in coming, but I suppose it doesn’t yet feel like the end of the season… it is probably only me though because while the gigging has slowed somewhat, life basically carries on as it ever did.  Pedro’ s life is ruled by the school calendar and that is now over so he doesn’t have anything to do for the summer except marathon TV on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO so for him it is pretty obvious things have come to a close. Pedro –  #sorrynotsorry I just spilled your secret.  Everyone else – if Pedro says he’s busy… he’s lying to you. If he says hes not busy ask him why he isn’t practicing.


“What did you say about me?!!!” says Pedro

But seriously now, summer is a time for relaxing and having fun and Pedro has worked his bum off this year with many things including the Oak Ridge after school viol program which was hugely successful! So much so, in fact, that next year it will become its own full fledged class! The VDGSA will be sending some more instruments so it will be easier to accommodate larger numbers of players. I know some of you have heard all this before, but we are super, super stoked about this! It is so exciting to be spreading the joy of this instrument all over Texas! I have heard many gamba players say “I wish I had the chance to learn this in high school!” Many university programs don’t even offer these opportunities so it is really special to be the first program of it’s kind in a Texas high school.

We are very proud of the students who participated in this year’s ensemble! They put in a lot of work and presented a wonderful program at the end of the spring term. Looking forward to another great group of kids in the fall!

Gambaramba with Sarah Mead Dec 2015

Gambaramba with Sarah Mead and members of Viols of Houston

More recently, Pedro and I finished the last concert of our Le Grand Tour joined by our wonderful friend and harpsichordist extraordinaire Molly Hammond. It was a great time and we felt very blessed to have such wonderful friends to play with as well as receptive audience members. That being said we just want to say a massive THANK YOU! to everyone who came and supported us this season. It is so wonderful to be able to share the music we love with you and truly, we would not be doing what we do without you

Season Concert Collage Le Grand Tour

All the concerts we have done as part of our grand tour of Europe!

After a short period of despair that we had reached the end of our season and questioning “what are we doing with our lives?!” we picked ourselves up, dusted off and set to work getting next season together. And boy do we have ideas for next season! Of course we will be doing some traditional concerts but we will also be doing a series of concerts in non traditional settings! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on those! We can’t WAIT to show you what we have in store!

In other news…. we never run out of things to do…. even in the summer… though I should probably say especially in the summer. Last year we were frolicking through the countryside of England with our viols. This year we will be road-tripping across the great US of A to Oregon to represent at Conclave. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Conclave (which I’m sure is most of you following our blog), it is an annual summer gathering of viol players from all over the United States (and even some who travel from overseas) that is run by the Viola da Gamba Society of America. It offers a fabulous program of group classes  taught by  excellent players/pedagogues, opportunities to play music with each other, and to meet viol enthusiasts.

French Concert 1

Viol and Harpsichord fun on the last concert of the season! Yay French music!

We will be gone for about 3 weeks: 2 weeks of traveling there and back (more or less) and a week at Conclave. I will be blogging the entire time so you can keep up with the adventures of Les Touches on the road. It should be an entertaining affair. That starts July 17 so get ready! Make sure you’re following us on this blog and also on our other social media streams: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Till then xxx

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  1. Stdephanie,

    Who was your ghost writer? Did you have to pay a lot?

    Seriously, great blog post..It sounds just like you.


    On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 12:23 AM, lestouchesconsort wrote:

    > Les Touches posted: “So I know this is a bit overdue in coming, but I > suppose it doesn’t yet feel like the end of the season… it is probably > only me though because while the gigging has slowed somewhat, life > basically carries on as it ever did. Pedro’ s life is ruled by th” >

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