Last day in London

I can be a bit snap-happy because I am passionate about taking pictures! But I feel like I have been pretty good about not making Pedro take pictures in front of every famous London landmark ever… except…. I did feel like a bit of a mum making Pedro climb in the phone booth and take a touristy pic ‘Alright now give me a smile! Happy happy! Jazz hands!’ Can you tell what he thinks of this exercise?

Today was our last day in London and it was the first day it hasn’t been beautiful and sunny all day. It didn’t dampen our mood though. After a quick breakfast we headed to the British Museum and looked at several of the exhibits  there. I say several exhibits but it really took a few hours. The British Museum is HUGE and to really see and take in everything you need either an entire day devoted to walking around looking at stuff or several days of several hours and we had neither cause we have to do important things like practicing and eating and stuff. 


Middle East carvings

It is really cool to put a visual with different cultures and time periods and histories. When I see the type of art, architecture, clothes, or even every day items that people were producing, the music that I know which is written at that time starts to make real sense because it is really a musical reflection of the same thing. A neat experience.  

Speaking of music…. I found the next instrument that I need to learn….




Apparently a predecessor of the guitar?… Looks like a mutant ninja violin… who knew….


It calls my name……

There are some really cool things in the museum including the Rosetta Stone. One thing that I have noticed since the last time I came is how many people are taking photographs. Advancements in technology means everyone has a camera at their fingertips on their phone and so it is much more difficult to travel really anywhere remotely touristy because everyone is taking pictures of EVERYTHING. 

The Rosetta Stone

In the afternoon, we went out to Greenwich to visit Esha Neogy and sightread consorts with her and Ibrahim Aziz. It was a great time chatting and reading music with them. Ibi introduced Pedro and I to Locke. It was wonderful. I enjoy playing with other people because it is inspiring to hear the different nuances from each individual. Then I can think… ‘Ah! That was really beautiful. I like how that was shaped. I should try to do that in my own playing. etc’ Speaking of playing… tomorrow Pedro and I are heading to York. Super jazzed to go hear the Rose Consort on Tuesday night. Ibi plays with them and their instruments will be strung entirely on gut. I can’t wait to hear how this sounds!


Westminster Abbey


St.Margareth’s Chapel next to Westminster Abbey


Our last excursion of London was to go and visit Westminster Abbey. We are cheap so we didn’t want to pay the 20 odd pounds it cost to get in per person so we decided to go visit the church for an actual service. It meant we only saw about half of it, but we got to listen to an organ recital before hand. What a treat to get to hear music in the Abbey! Then the evening service happened and it was quite brief but the vicar was very good. A great orator! It is so rare to hear someone who really knows how to speak and read. So refreshing! 

On a side note…. I think Pedro is a little bit in love with the churches here. 🙂


I don’t know what this building is… the yellow fancy one next to Westminster Abbey


So surreal to see this regularly!


View on a walk to the bus. Look at that sky and the sunlit buildings!


So when I used to live in the UK I would collect keychains from each country that I visited. Either of the country itself, a particularly famous city or local, or all three! I have been using them on all my keyrings for the last 9 years since I moved back to the states and gradually each one breaks and I use the next one. This trip to London two of my favourite places had these cute cute keyrings! So I bought one from each location. They  sort of hit all of my categories because they have iconic images from the country, city, and particular interest of the location i.e. Van Goghs Sunflowers. Score!  

Last but not least I am going to talk about food. 

Pedro and I love food. with a capital L O V E and we usually make it a priority. We have been quite frugal this trip with our food and eaten a lot less then we anticipated actually so I’m really proud of us. And not because we are starving ourselves but just because there have actually been much better things to do than eat believe it or not… and thats saying something coming from me! Haha! But you know what kills me? Water.  I’ve never felt more pressure to drink water in my whole life. So many places here don’t serve tap water but make you pay for water. It is a bout £3.50 for 1 litre (35 oz) of water. 

Today Pedro and I worked out we paid about £13 for roughly 6 litres water which is about $20. Do you know how much water I could buy for $20 in the states?! We did a little sluething by talking to Pedro’s sister-in-law who works at H-E-B. They had a sale on today: $3 for a 32 pack of 16oz bottles. So we could get around…. 211 bottles of water consisting of about 105 litres of water.  

Go America!

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