Travel. Practice. Eat. Sleep.

And that is all we did today. 

Well… sleep is coming…

I went from being Snap Happy yesterday to taking no photos at all today. I guess I just photo’d myself out the last few days.

This morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast of a specialty yogurt from Marks & Spencers and then headed off to Kings Cross train station to go to York. 

A side note about the train station (and really… many places in London): Pedro and I can not figure out where all the bins are. This morning when we got to the train station we were still hungry and thirsty so we split an egg sandwich and had a starbucks juice. When we were finished, I literally trekked all over the train station looking for a rubbish bin and could not find one. That was baffeling to me because there are so many quick food places and people eating while waiting for their trains I could not figure what we were supposed to do once we had all finished. I still never figured it out. We threw our trash away once we got on the train 15 minutes later. So strange…


Me and my travel companion

Our train ride was a pleasant 2 hours. Pedro and I had table seats and I spent that whole time listening to the rather popular podcast ‘Serial’ – if you have never listened I recommend it! I am a little late joining the ‘Serial’ craze. I heard about months and months ago and it seemed everyone was addicted to it. Only after the whole series is well and over have I started. Thank you Nick Garza for recommending I start it recently. I had all but forgotten that I wanted to listen to it. I also half dozed on my lovely little travel pillow I bought before leaving the States.


I never usually chose the colour blue for anything but for some reason… it just called to me this time.

Let me just say that I have never travelled with a travel pillow because I find them extremely uncomfortable. I don’t like having a big fat thing behind my neck. However, the last few flights taht I have been on I have been stuck in middle and end seats and super tired and I woke up with a crick in my neck so bad that I finally broke down this trip and said…. I am going to go buy a travel pillow. I admit I felt guilty for spending my hard earned money on a travel pillow which I felt was a little luxury. Granted… it was only $10 … but I have always got on just fine without one. Now, I can’t believe I ever felt that way. Best. Thing. Ever. It is made of a soft blue velour and memory foam on the inside. I never wear it behind my neck as it was designed cause I still find it uncomfortable but I usually just squish it up and put my face in it. Awesome. 

When Pedro and I arrived at the train station there was someone waiting to take us to our accomodation. I did wonder how they planned to get us where we needed to go. It takes quite a car to fit Pedro and me and each of our pieces of luggage, carry ons, and instruments. Most people in Britain drive itty bitty things. As I suspected, the vehicle was much too small. So much so I nearly started laughing. I was certain Pedro was thinking ‘Really?…’ So being the sweetheart the our host was, she took our luggage to the accomodation and we grabbed a taxi and everything worked out just spiffingly. 

The accomodation is located on the campus of the University of York. Our cab driver was very complimentary of the uni. We each get our own room with en suite loo which is very nice. As much as I love Pedro it is certainly wonderful for both of us to have our own rooms and space. 

We proceeded to get fish and chips at a local pub and then practice for the afternoon. Then dinner in main York… then home…and sleep is on its way. 

I have been pleasantly surprised at the eating habits Pedro and I have developed since being over here. We have taken to splitting every meal.  We will often grab an egg sandwich from a shop and each eat half and that will do us for the next few hours  when we will get a drink and another half of a sandwich to split. Even our main dinners, which was our one big meal a day, we have started splitting because each time we have orderd our own plate it is just too much. I don’t think I remember the portions being so large here… things must be changing since I last spent time in the UK.  This is combined with walking like crazy. Or maybe this is supposed to be normal. I forget how easy it is to walk a bunch of steps when in Texas we drive everywhere. It is refreshing and invigorating for us to be outside and walking a bunch! 

Anyways… I need to rest… I promise tomorrow will be more interesting both visually and topically. 

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