Its a concept

I really dont know why people would try to drive in London. Its is ridiculous. I have enjoyed going on bus and on the tube to get to the destinations while we are in London. I would never have the desire to want to drive on these roads with everything going on. Cyclists, buses, cars, and people not paying attention crossing the streets. No thanks. This is a concept…

The sites that we went on yesterday were amazing. We went to the Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. This is a concept. Every day at 11:30am this cermenony starts and ends around noon. Watching these guards I dont know how they can stand wearing their uniform and out in the sun. It must get really hot but I’m glad I don’t have to wear that uniform. It was a very elegant ceremony.

Buckingham Palace Gates


Victoria Memorial


After the ceremony we walked through St. James Park to get to our next destination. The park was very relaxing to walk through. My thoughts during this was “where am i walking?” “i wonder what important historical figures were in this same area?” “Who do I need to marry to get to this place?” As some of you one of my favorite subject to read is the life of the kings and Queens of England. There was plenty of drama. 

The Nayional Gallery was our next stop. Everything from Medieval to 20th Century. We managed to see almost eveything in 2 hours. My favorite sections was 16th century. It was nice to see art from this time period and think of the repertoire we are working on. Its good to make connections and figure out things. I wish I could have on of these fancy paintings in my own collection or even have a collection. One day…..The top priority was that we made time for tea and scones at the museum. Having scones is a concept…


Not a proper way to store your bow buts it a painting so it must be okay



I think I should make my students dress up this way and reenact the English Civil War.


Air conditioning is a concept. Its not the famous Texas heat in London. The high is 82 and the low about 59. The apartment we are staying has no a/c  (as I have been told this is the norm) and only a window that only opens slightly….hint hint no cool air in the room. What do two Texans do we go to Argos and buy 2 7 inch fans. Yay!!!!! It makes a huge difference. The room is more comfortable and it made it cool enough to practice our duets in this room without having to go to the Royal School of Music. 

The two bass viols we have from the Early Music Shop are Lu Mi’s. These instruments sound great and we are getting used to them. For Stephanie the six string viol is much smaller than what she is used to and mine is almost the same what i have back home. We had time to run through our duos. I will not bore you the details of the rehearsal.

For dinner Steph took me to try Crispy Duck. This was the first I have eaten duck in my life. Apparently crispy duck is a concept here. It was amazing. Where would o be without Steph? Seriously….she introduced me to scones with clotted cream, caramelized onions, and now crispy duck. Whoa….what’s next. 

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