Its too darn hot….

What is going on? It was like 83F today and sunny in London. Greaaaaat weather! Loved it! Felt great.

The problem comes when you go inside…. no air conditioning or circulation so everything is stuffy and hot. Tomorrow Pedro and I are going to  find some personal fans so we aren’t so bloomin hot when we are trying to sleep!

Today we went to Westminster Cathedral and to St Pauls Cathedral. Been practicing using the bus.  Getting better at it. Pedro likes it better because its more condusive for seeing the city… I’m not such a big fan when it is hot because there is limited visibility out the sides and hot because of no cirulation and I get carsick really bad. We are finding a happy medium between tubes and bus. 

I think Pedro is a little bit in love with the churches here. I mean… both of the Cathedrals wevisited were stunning and not every church is like that of course but still…. 


Westminster Cathedral

I was really excited because we got to climb about 500-600 stairs up to the whispering gallery and on up to the very top of St Pauls. Great view! Soooo many stairs….. and very worth it!  


The Eye and Thames River




Looking out on the top of St Pauls Cathedral

The city and a small London bridge on the right side

 We had rooms booked today to go practice so we picked up instruments, trekked accross the city to practice and then had some dinner and a drink. 

Super fresh drinks and lovely hummus and of course…. a scone.


Pedros first English beer

This  wweather has been strange. Tonight was the second of 2 thunderstorms that have happened since I arrived. like…. thunder and lightening kind of storms. That literally never happens here!  Crazy!

Anyays… we are going to try and sleep…. 

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