Once upon a time in a state far, far, FAAAAAR away, there lived 3 viol players…

….who decided to take a road trip together to go to Boston for BEMF (Boston Early Music Festival).


Whose crazy idea was that you say?!

Meet Pedro (or P as I like to call him), the founding member of our trio.


Ya I know what you’re thinking…. he looked sketchy to me too before I started playing with him. Hehe! He is, in fact, some of the superglue that keeps us playing. He finds music (and scans like a mad man) and keeps me from getting too sidetracked.

This brilliant plan was formed in his mind and we accordingly made recordings and auditioned back in January for the Gamba Gamut.

Almost simultaneously to us discovering we made it into the Gamut performance, we also got asked to perform with Duke University singers… sweet! That meant that we were going to have to take 6 instruments in the car – treble, 2 tenors, and a bass (for our Gamut performance), plus an extra bass and a violin for our Duke University performance.

Of course, being there for a week, we needed to pack clothes, and then to save money we decided to take groceries with us so we had snacks for the road…. OH YA! Also, we had a bunch of materials from our teachers and IU Press to sell at the BEMF Exhibit… did I mention that was  around 8 or 9 Boxes????

Given this information, Pedro decided we should drive to Boston in this:


Actually, this picture makes it look deceivingly big… or maybe it is just deceivingly big in real life… you THINK you can fit a lot of stuff in there…. but you CAN’T!  I can tell you, with 6 instruments, 9 boxes, food, and suitcases, even with the best tetris packing in the world you couldn’t get 3 people in the car. It would be like trying to get cats not to shed. Totally impossible.

Fortunately, clearer minds prevailed!

Meet Joe, the second member of our trio!


Joe somehow puts up with P and I. We can be a little rowdy sometimes. Joe is like a mountain – tall, calm, and collected. He introduced us to the minivan!

After P and I drove up to Indy to pick him up in a car packed to the ceiling with stuff and having to sit cross legged on top of a cooler, I’d say that van was the best vehicle I’d ever seen in my life!  (and lets be honest… the mountain background makes it look so much cooler!)


The trip was long!!! Wayyyy long. We drove somewhere close to 20 hours one way to get to Boston.

Shoot me now!!!  Not because of the guys, just because it was sooooooooo long!

Meet Stephanie (or Stef). Thats me! and I am the 3rd member of the trio and the lone girl! yes…


I’m the one that talks a lot and I was the trip game-maker and photo taker (when I wasn’t driving of course… or sleeping)

I’m the one who’s job it is to keep up with the blog, facebook page, and instagram and to do the advertising for our concerts. I ‘m currently working on uploading and makeing posts for all of our pictures from Boston so don’t forget to come back and check us out (and maybe even leave a comment or two!) 

3 responses to “Once upon a time in a state far, far, FAAAAAR away, there lived 3 viol players…

    • You’re welcome. Hopefully we will get some of the recordings from the concerts soon and can post them up too.
      Pedro and I are going to be moving back to Texas and doing outreach in schools. Maybe we will do a few concerts around San Marcos

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